is someone going to take away my feminist card?

I forgot to blog on Blog Against Sexism Day. Well, no, let me not front. I didn’t forget, I just didn’t. In part because yesterday was kind of a bad, distracting day for me overall, and I still don’t have internet access at my house (pinche Time Warner…) But also, because I’m never good about actually participating in most of these blog about this or that days, especially with topics that I feel I am or should be blogging about on the regular, anyhow. Of course, now I feel a bit slackerly and left out, reading all the good stuff that my daily reading blogs wrote yesterday (check them out over there in my blogroll for some good reads).

Ah, well. Hopefully no one will deem me a bad feminist and take away my card or something. Though I feel like I’ve been getting some points against me in some people’s books lately anyhow, what with my BDSM-lovin’ not-entirely-writing-off-porn-or-burlesque ways. There’s been a post brewing there for a little while, let’s see if it makes it out at some point.

6 Responses to “is someone going to take away my feminist card?”

  1. 1 vegankid

    I’m sorry to inform you that your feminist card and all related privileges have been revoked for a total of nine weeks for the following reasons:

    1 week – not participating in Blog Against Sexism Day and therefore obviously being pro-sexism.
    2 weeks – not writing about how horribly oppressive porn is. can’t you at least fake it?
    6 weeks – for being pro-BDSM, which makes you as bad as men. and men are evil. therefore you are evil.

    card revoked. No appeals process shall be rewarded. We are taking away such usual privileges because you are Queer and Boriqua. Which makes you kinda scary. Next time you should think about being a real feminist and do as your told.

    In all honesty, i’m adding you to my blogroll BECAUSE you are a BDSM-lovin, not-entirely-writing-off-porn, Queer Boriqua. Hope you enjoy International Men’s Day!

  2. 2 Jack

    Haha – awesome comment. And thanks for the linkage!

    You know, I looked up International Men’s Day and it’s actually celebrated in some places. Which is, you know, utterly unsurprising.

  3. 3 Ktrion

    Geez you have way higher standards than me. I worry that I’ll loss my feminist membership if I’m caught singing “Fat Bottomed Girls, You Make the Rockin’ World Go ‘Round.”

    PS, you can also use my dad’s standard. “Everyday is Blog Against Sexism Day on my Blog.” Not that he said that. More like “why I didn’t get you a gift for your birthday, mother’s day, our anniversary, valentine’s day, etc”

  4. 4 Oso Raro

    No worries, mi amor, if you lose your card, we’ll form our own new clika. Maybe “Las Locas y que!”? Or “Poch@s for David Bowie”? Algo como asi.

  5. 5 meow

    i’m gonna take your card away for not being around–check-in love

  6. 6 patrick

    re: taking away your feminist card…

    Just tell them When they pry it from your COLD DEAD HANDS!


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