stirring from slumber

It’s been a while. Life happened, in all sorts of big ways, as it tends to, drawing me away from the blogging. So much so that I didn’t even get to post a get-out-of-blogging free card. Sorry to go MIA with no notice!

But I’m returning, slowly. Starting to do some catch-up reading of my regular blogs. Hopefully I’ll get to write a catch-up post tomorrow, then get back on track.

8 Responses to “stirring from slumber”

  1. 1 brownfemipower

    hey!! welcome back!!!

  2. 2 Tex

    it’s quite alright. Missed ya tho.

    One of my ongoing fantasies is to write a bot that will periodically check my blog and make excuses for me

    if DaysSinceLastPost>5 print: “Tex is caught under a tree” or something like that.

  3. 3 az

    Hiya — I just found your blog through vegankid and really like the writing here.

    How much money I would pay for a bot like that == a lot…

  4. 4 liza

    AWESOME! You’re blogging again.

    Noel Hidalgo, btw, hooked me to your site. I always wanted to follow-up on your post about Filiberto Ojeda. He was a good friend of my stepfather and, quite frankly, I was too overcome by the whole thing to even be able to start talking about it.

    Drop by anytime you feel like cross-posting elsewhere. I really like you’re stuff.


  5. 5 Jack

    Hey, Liza – thanks for reading and commenting!

    I’m sorry to hear how Filiberto Ojeda’s death touched you personally. I think that sometimes it’s easy to forget that deaths that cause political yet distant outrage for me actually effect many people on a deeply personal level as well.

    I hadn’t really thought about or figured out the cross-posting business, but I will! I’d be happy to have my stuff up on such an awesome blog. 🙂

  6. 6 Jack

    Belated thanks!

  7. 7 Jack

    That bot would be hot. I bet it can be done! We need someone with mad Perl skillz or something to get on that.

  8. 8 Jack

    Hey – thanks for reading and commenting!

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