babies. and work. (sometimes i hate coming up with post titles.)

Since getting cable TV at home, the cable internet (which we’d had for quite some time already) has been on the fritz. So I have an appointment for a cable fixer person to come fix it today, which means I’m working from home. Except that, since I don’t have internet at home, it means I’m spending the morning working at a coffee shop with free wireless near my house.

When I walked in, I saw babies everywhere. Seems there’s a sing-along/story time/puppet show for kids today. I took one of the few available seats in the place, which is not really within the story circle so I thought it would be relatively baby free. But I am now surrounded by babies. Little babies, too! Who are all flailing and gurgling and interacting with each other in their tiny baby way and being generally adorable. This is not so conducive to working. Luckily I have my iPod so I am not distracted by the sounds as well as the sights.

Another thing I’m observing is that almost all of the babies are white, while almost all of the adults they’re with are women of color. Which is very typical of NYC, and always makes me feel a little bit weird. More than a little, in fact.

In other news, days like this make me miss being self-employed. Going to coffee shops to work, having the option to just put off work for a while and go for a walk or go play piano at the Brooklyn Conservatory or something, setting my own schedule completely… so tempting, even though freelancing is a hard way to pay the bills. I still freelance, but only after hours as a supplement to my full time job; I’m not much of a fan of that sort of freelancing, though, as I hate having to come home and do more work. But right now, I’m technically at my full time job, which means I need to get to working. Speaking of which…

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  1. 1 Nico

    hey there,

    yeah, i’ve been noticing the white babies/brown caretakers dynamic now that i am back in a big city. *so* different from the pioneer valley, which was all about brown babies/white parents and equally alarming in its own special way.

    so… i’ve been reading your blog and only recently realized that i know you! yay! i’m gonna link you to my blog if that’s okay.


  2. 2 Jack

    hey nico, glad to hear that you’re reading! and of course you can link to me – thank you! what’s your blog?

  3. 3 Nico

    hey jack,

    my blog is

    talk to you later!

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