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The National Spelling Bee is an entirely too stressful thing to watch on TV.

Also: kundalini for the second to last word in the entire bee? Way too easy. Though, um, ursprache? Kinda made up for it, though I suppose if you sprechen die Deutsche or however it’s spelled, it’s not that unbelievable. I wanted the Canadian girl to win but, oh well, go Jersey!

Most Beautiful Baby?!?

Daytime TV is dangerous and should generally be avoided. Case in point: for some reason, I was watching Live with Regis and Kelly (as of a few moments ago, when I finally turned it off). Today’s big segment: the final rounds of the Most Beautiful Baby competition. Apparently, people across the country have been looking at baby pictures and voting for who they think is the Most Beautiful Baby of them all.

Does this seem really weird to anyone else? I mean, come on! Going through rounds of elimination to determine which baby is more beautiful than all the other losers? As if our society isn’t lookist enough, we’ve gotta impose oppressive standards of beauty on children from jump?

Unsurprisingly, all of the five finalists (that’s just wrong. babies should not be finalists for anything) are white. Also unsurprisingly, all looked exceedingly grumpy, uninterested, or frightened when they were trotted out on stage. And frankly, I’ve seen MUCH cuter babies.

Ah, well. At least Martha is on soon. Unfortunately, Ellen doesn’t air in Atlanta (where I’m at for work this week) until 5pm. Similarly obscene: Jeopardy! airs at 4:30pm, instead of its appropriate time slot of 7pm. WTF, right?

Not that I don’t have work to be doing here instead of watching TV…

I’m not queer or trans, but I play one on the big screen…

… or the big screen, as it were.

So, on tonight’s Golden Globes, Brokeback Mountain won Best Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Song, Felicity Huffman won Best Actress for Transamerica, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman won Best Actor for Capote. A strong year for queerness and, um, transness in the movies. Too bad none of the queer and trans characters in these films could actually be portrayed by, oh, I don’t know, queer and trans people? Ah well, I suppose we can only ask for so much. (That’s sarcasm there, folks.)

Of course, that’s not to say I wasn’t very happy about Brokeback Mountain winning.  Though I think my personal highlight of the night was Sandra Oh winning Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for Grey’s Anatomy.  My girlfriend and I both cheered very enthusiastically when that happened.  We <3 Sandra Oh!