Tancredo’s platform: too many Mexicans, and Blacks who identify as Blacks

On Monday morning, I was listening to the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC while getting ready for work. Lehrer was interviewing Tom Tancredo, a Republican representative in the House from Colorado who is planning on running for the presidency. Now, this guy is a real gem; his recent antics include singing Dixie at a Confederate-flag-displaying barbecue organized by the South Carolina League of the South, which is classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. The barbecue was a fundraiser for Tancredo’s non-profit coalition, “Americans Have Had Enough!” (Enough immigrants, Mexicans, or brown people, I’m guessing.)

So, his newest crusade is unsurprising: he’s calling for the abolition of the congressional Black and Hispanic caucuses. From the interview (which you can listen to in its entirety :

TANCREDO: I do not believe that there should be a Black caucus, I do not believe that there should be a caucus based on race. The Black caucus, Hispanic caucus – these are not things that the Congress of the United States ought to provide finances for, ought to have as a formal part of the House of Representatives, which these are; and, which send a horrible message I think again about how we are split up on racial lines and that’s exactly where we should not be going. What would happen, I wonder, if anyone was to suggest the creation of a white caucus. I mean, certainly they would be roundly criticized and rightly so, for being racist.

LEHRER: Well, do you think that those are moral equivalents, a white caucus and a Black caucus, given American history?

TANCREDO: I absolutely believe they are, when you have, uh… The issue is surrounding the concept of a race-based, formally organized and formally approved part of the congress of the United States. That is, I think, sending a horrible message.

Right. Because Black folks and other people of color don’t need to gather and work together as a result of racism. It’s actually the other way around: things are all messed up because they’re sending the wrong message. If they’d just stop sending the wrong message, then poof, racism and racial divides in this country would disappear! White people, of course, have nothing to do with it. Didn’t you know?

The interview continues, and at some point Lehrer asks:

LEHRER: So the two issues you’ve picked your most public fights on as a presidential candidate so far are too many Mexicans, if we can call the immigration, the illegal immigration question that –

TANCREDO: You can’t.

LEHRER: – I’ll let you respond to that; and Blacks who identify as Blacks. So should I conclude that too much Black and Latino power at the expense of whites are your two major concerns?

Bullseye, Brian. Tancredo predictably chuckles this off and delivers some manure-laden line about how of course this is not the case. But Lehrer, about whom I generally have mixed feelings, had me saying, “You go, white boy!” with that zinger.

6 Responses to “Tancredo’s platform: too many Mexicans, and Blacks who identify as Blacks”

  1. 1 chinyere

    lerher deserves 2 snaps and a high five for the one liner. AMAZING.
    as for that presidential hopeful.. god, what is the world coming to?

  2. 2 the angry black woman

    It’s like white people have a secret script they work off of, but the script isn’t so secret because we all know what’s on it. Black are devisive because they want to promote their own interests! Jesus in a wheelbarrow.

  3. 3 dirk

    It is the same here in Canada.When it comes to indigenous peoples.When indigenous people inform others that they do suffer racism and that it is real they are accused of blowing things out of proportion or they are playing the race card etc.
    Many White people always deny racism,even though they have never experienced ,in fact they have no clue of what racism even is.Never mind the real affects it has on people…

  4. 4 dirk

    sorry about that(earlier comment) was off topic thought I was responding to something I read over at another blog.How the hell that happened,I am still scratching my head….

  5. 5 Jack

    heh, no worries. not really relevant to the topic at hand, but looks like you were saying good things in a good conversation, nonetheless. 🙂

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