ACTION ALERT: Support Florida rape survivor and condemn police actions

Planned Parenthood has launched a campaign around the Florida rape survivor who was arrested and subsequently denied emergency contraception after going to the police. Take a moment to go to the PP page and voice your outrage to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. (Thanks to Jessica at Feministing for the heads up.)

3 Responses to “ACTION ALERT: Support Florida rape survivor and condemn police actions”

  1. 1 chinyere

    thanks for posting this.

  2. 2 DiAnna Hoag

    i am a florida native and being i am outraged at this demining act. There was absolutly no justice in what happend to that young woman regardless of what her past record showed. I for one am fully supportive of action being taken agasit the police dep.heath ward. I for think that that no matter who you are or what you have done if you are a rape vic. then you should be treated as such.I can not even begin to imagine how that girl felt sitting in jail with no family friends or even a consuler to help her threw the trama.All she had was he solitude and the images of what had happend to her. She should have been aloud to go home and shower and change her cloths. If needed they could have sent a police escort with her . ANYTHING WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER THEN JAIL!!!! I support her and any decission she makes and would be happy to help in any way possible. I send her my heart my prayers my love and my support.

    DiAnna Hoag.

  3. 3 Many People

    I lived in hillsborough county for 14 years before I was able to “escape”. I moved there as a teen a noticed something was terribly wrong when I was pulled over for walking to the store one day. I lived in Heater Lakes and was pulled over just about every after that first time (for walking). I was told I would be taken to jail for warrents that did not even exist if I did not comply with what the officer wanted from me. Eventually I was taken to jail on some of these bogus warrents. I am familiar with the nursing staff in these jails and I do belive that she would not give her the mornning after pill because of her own religious beliefs. They never read you your rights, they say you have none. If she did not get as much attention from the media as she did she would still be in jail. Here is the sad part. This is going to blow over and be forgotten about and things will remain the same.

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