holy shit.

Saddam Hussein was executed.

Immediate reaction? Now it’s time to brace ourselves for what will happen within Iraq, and beyond.

It’s huge. And somehow, just really fucking weird.


2 Responses to “holy shit.”

  1. 1 Dylan

    I’m against the death penalty, for everyone. I don’t see how what Saddam did was really any different than what Bush is doing right now in Iraq. Both used their diplomatic power to take out people that they did not like, that they could benefit from, or that they could exploit for money. Both have committed crimes against humanity through unspeakable acts. I think both have been been left to face their maker in their own time. Again the question that always springs to mind for me… how do you justify death with death?

  2. 2 Jack

    I am also against the death penalty, full stop. And as for comparing Saddam and Bush – I got into my own little holiday argument with my mother about that, in which she just couldn’t see that Bush’s actions, while perhaps less direct than Hussein’s, are just as atrocious. It was one of those fruitless arguments that just leaves me feeling a little bit sad and a little bit angry about the good job that the mainstream media does of providing slanted viewpoints and outright lies to American people.

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