Did I miss the party?

And by party, I mean the little firestorm that has erupted around trans and feminist issues, specifically centering around the shitfest of a comments section on this post at I Blame the Patriarchy. Within those comments and the resultant posts on other blogs, there have been some very good points made, and some very disgusting and infuriating things said by people who like to call their transphobia “feminism,” thereby making you anti-feminist and anti-woman if you’re not down with it.

I’m actually glad that I missed the beginnings of this whole craziness; had I been online at the start, I would likely have waded into the fray and made myself batty with righteous rage in the process. As it is, it’s far too overwhelming to start reading everything now, so I’ll just direct you to the good things said by brownfemipower on her blog.

Now that my two weeks with the family for the holidays has been blessed with broadband wireless internet access, I’ma really try hard to start this blogging business again. Yeah yeah, I know, I’ve said it before, but this time I really mean it! But first I’d like to let folks know that if you comment on really old entries – say, ones about gentrification – I’m not likely to respond. I just can’t keep engaging with people who stumble upon those articles and want to tell me that gentrification is really a great thing and that I’m really just a reverse racist. Boring! Please wait until I write a new entry on gentrification, maybe then I’ll bother responding.

And finally – I returned to the blogosphere just in time to see Blac(k)ademic making her departure. We’re losing a really good one there. Kudos to her for all the knowledge she’s dropped over the year plus of blogging.

4 Responses to “Did I miss the party?”

  1. 1 belledame222

    woo, you’re back! and yeah, you missed a shitstorm; well, you missed act one. just a few moments ago Miz Point the Finger wrote a typically snotty and disingenuous post pretending to address the matter; short version, “it’s all about MEEEEEEE”

    early consensus would appear to be, as zuzu over at feministe puts it, “she jumped the shark.”

    pass the popcorn.

    but yes. a lot of light has come out of that sordid little mess, i’d say, some really good discussion, and hopefully more to come. without her, of course. too bad.

  2. 2 Jack

    hey there! yeah, just now read that post at your direction. and now i’ve gone and posted a comment. guess i’m wading in after all. people tell me i’m predictable. 😉

  3. 3 fiercelyfab

    I’m online and blog and miss the parties all of the time. They are plainly too time consuming and also, usually someone else has more eloquently said what I am thinking of the said subject.

    On gentrification/land use I can’t wait to see what forthcoming entries you have on these very big issues in our cities. What isn’t a big issue, right? It is one of those, less sexy ones, that have real reprucussions on communities of color and low income folks, that like bfp says garner very small attention.

  1. 1 Playing Nice Here With Radical Feminists at Transadvocate Blog
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