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My new blog

Apparently the Allied Media Conference always makes me want to get my blog on. Last year I thought it was gonna kickstart my blogging for sure, but then Life happened and I drifted away again.

This year as I was heading home from the conference, the time felt right to start again. But I didn’t want to start again here. I haven’t been feeling the AngryBrownButch moniker for a while now. Yeah, I’m still a brown butch, and I’m often angry since there’s so damn much to be angry about. But AngryBrownButch made me feel like I’d pigeonholed myself a bit too much. I’ve also built up a fair amount of baggage on this blog since I started out here in November 2005. It’s been time to move on.

So I have. If you want to find me from now on, check me out at First post of real substance: La piratería y el pillaje y los hot dogs: reflections on July 4th, what the day means to me as a Puerto Rican, what it’s like to experience the patriotic propaganda machine accidentally in your own home, and some bonus mockery of a couple of really stupid commercials.

If anyone still gets this feed in their RSS reader or checks this out every now and again, I hope you check my new blog out! This one will stay up indefinitely as an archive of what I’ve written before, but all the new action will happen there.