Yes. We. Did.

Barack Obama

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  1. 1 frau sally benz

    Yes we did, indeed. I’m not normally a spiritual person, but damn, this is an incredibly powerful moment for me. I’m much too cynical for all of this. =/

  2. 2 coquito

    WEPA!!! 😀

  3. 3 amanda

    Some little piece of cynicism in me was crushed yesterday.

  4. 4 blanka

    dear Angry B,

    i’ve literally stumbled upon this page via queer black page. not that it’s much what i’m going to type here but just feel i should express myself on the topic of these November elections in your big country and my feelings can be summarized in one loud utterance:”Yes,you did it!” and i congratulate you with all my heart.
    to see a black man in the white house is no small a matter and it resonates all over the world. the word “america” may not be the most popular word in my part of the world (i dont count myself in the anti-usa bunch, though) and any president coming from the oval office might look or sound just the same to my countrymen but not a small number of friends and aquaintances cheered and talked only about your elections on the whole day of the 5th.
    as a student of english laguage and literature (that included american lit. and history as well) i became well aware and well aaquainted with the dark parts of your country’s history and stunned at the painful legacy it still emanates. i’ve never visited but have seen “it in the movies”, the you tube, mags and papers…and the private commentaries…
    to me, racial issues seem completely artificial.i can’t understand the hatred. if it wasn’t for the awareness agressively imposed thru “education” and “its prominent figures” i would never have thought about the differences.
    naively, i would never remember to hate or even shrink before people.and this feeling has never left me.
    majority buys into hatred and fear, though.
    but then again, foreigners traveling thru our little countries (in the balkans)can’t see much difference either and can’t grasp the fact that the locals see these invisible gaps as totally unsurpassable, with the exeption of us few – odd folks who despise nationalisms, chauvinisms, sexisms, anti-isms and the like.
    despite the fact and because of the fact that we’ve seen dead people (indeed), country ravaged, homes burnt, families destroyed and separated, and had to endure the media terror poisoning our minds all these years and other what-nots now forgotten that drive many now straight to the asylums or oncology departments and hospices…
    and i’m talking here only from a very personal experience. many others fared much worse.
    because of all that i’m happy and my little heart is glad now. to see silent power coming to power. to see the disempowered (if there is such a word)get into power. to me its a symbol that’s very personal and i welcome the choice America has made. and i cheer for the fact that it is an African American man who is now the first man among all these millions.
    and may his “15 minutes” in the life of this planet be remembered as positively significant.
    i’m aware it’s all pathetic and hackneyed that i am spilling out here but i mean it from the heart.
    as Mr. Obama hinted in his afterwards’ Chicago speech (when J. Jackson cried) – we, us those in our forgotten far-away corners of this Earth heard him and it was the first thing that day, the first thought, right after i opened my eyes.
    passive as i am, and very anti-everything, (no Tv, no radio, except for the net)the first thing was to find some news feed to streamline the election news straight into my home.
    and i did shed a tear (not as old as time, not as burdensome as those in J. Jackson’s eyes) but a tear of recognition that the change is indeed possible and palpable. that someone has worked hard to top all those past efforts.
    and i thought to myself a thought that I also shared with some of my “conservative” fellow coleagues: “let them all see now, and esp. those young kids in front of their tubes, the beautiful faces of the new first family, let’s hear what the president has to say”
    fantastic overwhelming emotion…
    best regards
    from the Balkans!

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