Jersey pride, well-founded.

I may be in Brooklyn now, but I’m not from Brooklyn – I’m from New Jersey and proud of it. Even prouder today, after NJ became the first state since 1976 to ban the death penalty. Of course, New Jersey also hasn’t executed anyone since 1963, so this may not be the most momentous of moves within the state itself. However, New Jersey is setting an important precedent and we can only hope other states (New York? Pennsylvania? Hope beyond hope, Texas?) will follow suit. So hurrah, New Jersey! I’m going to wear one of my Jersey pride t-shirts today in celebration.

3 Responses to “Jersey pride, well-founded.”

  1. 1 Barbara

    Darling, Jack! You posted *twice*!!! 🙂 Thank you. :smooch:

  2. 2 Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

    Great news — thanks for posting!

  3. 3 Ed Borden

    Well, I live in NJ too and am proud of it, but not for that reason. As far as the death penalty, something needs to be done ,but not the elimination, if anything, the process needs to be sped up.

    There are some things to be ashamed about in NJ also. The current governor,(you know, the one who preached about seat belts then got into an accident and was almost killed because he was not wearing one) wants to double the toll rates on the state toll roads every 4 years. Ridiculous. NJ also has very high tax rates. NJ has the highest car insurance rates nationwide. Why is it that the other states have gas stations that you pump your own gas and it is about 15 cents cheaper on the gallon? I can only do that on the military bases in NJ. Why is it that in most states I can go to 7-11 or the local grocery store to buy beer or liquor, but in NJ you have to go to a special store? Why is it?

    I am proud that I cannot get a better pizza anywhere in the Nation than a place near exit 7 in bordentown (anthonys pizza town)(opinion)
    I am proud that the jersey shore is the place to be in the summer. Loads of fun at seaside park. I love the people of New Jersey.

    I love the fact that a New Jersey team is going to the super bowl this year and another state is trying to claim them!!!!!

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