celebrating May Day, LAPD style

I’d heard about the police brutality at the immigration protests in LA, but I didn’t see this footage until today. It looks like a warzone. It is a warzone – the police vs the people. It’s horrifying.

Something striking about this particular footage – even Fox News (albeit a local affiliate) showed the truth in a “fair and balanced” way. The LAPD really fucked up this time, it seems, by not only attacking the protesters, but also brutalizing members of the media, who have the ability to put the story out there and who can’t be so easily written off as unruly protesters or “anarchists.” Who knows, maybe some change will come after this. Not holding my breath, though.

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  1. 1 MilbyDaniel

    Wow – I hadn’t seen this either. This is so insane. The “good news” if you can call it that, is that the higher ups who order the police must be feeling very threatened by the growing mobilizatin of people of color and immigrants. But I know the immigrant rights rallies I”ve been to in NYC had so many families and young people who would definitely have been super vulnerable in the face of LAPD brutality – so awful..

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