you know you’re blogging too much…

… when you’re watching overtime in the Fiesta Bowl, and instead of hearing “he knows how to read blocks,” you hear, “he knows how to read blogs,” and are very confused for a few moments.

Although, during the commentary on the various Bowl games today, there has been discussion about blogs, specifically on how bloggers are going to react to Michigan’s loss today. Yes, in case there were any doubts left, blogging has officially entered the mainstream.


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  1. 1 fiercelyfab

    yesterday I thought I heard my partner ask a friend of ours, what was going on in his blog. I misheard block for blog. Blogging is such a part of day to day life for me as I read many blogs like many of us bloggers/readers, and I see how much it is now being used to follow commentary on politics, responses, live-blogging conferences, networking etc,

    Even though I want to spend less time on line, it is hard with so many brilliant blogs out there and interesting people I want to read and comment on. Oh well. Blogging is da bomb.

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