say it ain’t so

The only comforting thing about this and this is that it sounds like it might be temporary. Please, please let it be temporary.

It’s really fuckin’ sad and infuriating that the people who get the most heat and the most bullshit are so often the voices that we need to hear most.

We need a support group, y’all.

3 Responses to “say it ain’t so”

  1. 1 Dylan

    They get the most heat because they are the voices that oppose mainstream thought. Stick them back in the box, silence them, whatever it takes… we wouldn’t want people reading them and thinking “hey this actually has some validity” now would we? :;sense the sarcasm::

    Yet at the same time, it is emotionally trying to fight the good fight all the time, buck opposition, constantly justify who you are and what you believe. Hopefully it will be, as you said, just a break for them both.

  2. 2 Dead Inside

    Heya. Been meaning to post a howdy for a while since I was introduced to your blog through BFP’s comments. It’s really great to have your voice here.

    The healing is beginning up at BFP’s in a thread about Blogging While A Woman Of Color. Moderation is strict still, to keep the trolls at bay, but BFP is sounding strong and at home. She’s sending out loving supportiveness to BA, as we all are.

    Hope to see you over there. Either way, I’ll be seeing you here, I hope, for a long time to come.

  3. 3 sly civilian

    amen to the support group. glad i found your place, sorry it took a blog fight this ugly. stay strong.

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