Remind me never to even glance at

For some clearly ridiculous reason, I decided to follow a Google News link to an article on the Faux News website. On their sidebars, there’s a video section. Three videos in a row had to do with immigration. I didn’t bother too look at any of them – I’m not that stupid, nor am I masochistic (well, at least not for that kind of pain.) But the titles and captions say plenty:

  • Border Disorder: A look at issues that drive many Mexicans to enter the U.S. illegally (sounds good in theory, but somehow I think there’ll be a whole lot missing about america’s culpability in creating those issues that drive immigration)
  • Get in Line!: Millions wait for a chance to legally come to the U.S. to work (Boy, how I wish the Native Americans could have issued that command to the white bastards who stole their land. Get in line, and then we’ll turn you away anyhow! Yeah, that’s how it should’ve been.)
  • and, the best of all: Border Garbage: Illegal immigrants blamed for trashing the border (WTF? They’re really digging for even more bullshit that they can blame on undocumented immigrants, aren’t they? I can just see the orders issued in the Faux News Pressroom – “OK, now go out and find everything that an illegal immigrant ever did wrong, and let’s make a video about it!”)

3 Responses to “Remind me never to even glance at”

  1. 1 kactus

    “Border garbage” made me think they were talking about the people. I’m like you–masochism just doesn’t appeal to me, unless I want to spend the rest of my day composing imaginary replies to their bullshit in my head. And then I don’t get any work done.

  2. 2 Jack

    Right? And I’d bet that when they wrote the title, they were thinking that, too – a not-so-subtle double entendre.

  3. 3 LOLA

    I read your story about the so-called white invasion. You said something about why whites don’t think about other darker peoples whenever they sign the lease to cheap lofts, so on ad nauseum. Being Native American, Spanish, German, and French I highly resent that comment. This country was founded on all types, hard working people, and people who started from nothing. So if that means some kid who came from Kansas, or myself, Oklahoma, with pratically nothing, they are in the same shoes and any of those “darker peoples” who inhabit the neighborhood. This country, and city for that matter is a free for all, and as far as I’m concerned its constantly changing and that’s the beauty about it. And since you admitted to shopping at whole foods, well you are as far as I’m concerned in the same boat as I am, Puerto Rican or NOT. I find it very unfair that Puerto Ricans have this hostility and bias towards white people who move in, assuming already they have money and trust funds, etc. Well, did they ever take the time to ask, inquire about the situation at hand???? I don’t like the new ugly high rises and influx of Manhattan looking dwellings any less than the next person, but it should stem beyond a “white” or “dark” issue. Its complete nonsense.

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