Octavia Butler

Octavia Butler
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It seems like every morning, there’s some really bad news to wake up to. Most often, it’s the “oh my god, this world is going to hell in a handbasket,” fucked-up sort of news. But this morning, it’s the “oh my god, we’ve lost a really, really good one” sort of news.

Octavia Butler, the brilliant Black sci-fi author, died this weekend at the age of 58.

I’ve only read one of her books, The Parable of the Sower, but between reading that and hearing & knowing so much about her – about how inspirational and important and insightful her work is to so many people whose taste and opinion I deeply respect – I know that, yes, we have lost a really good one, a really important one. Reading the news this morning made me profoundly sad and shaken, a little nauseous, even.

She was on Democracy Now! back in November. I never got a chance to listen to her interview, but I think I will today.

Goodbye, Octavia Butler. And thank you.

6 Responses to “Octavia Butler”

  1. 1 La Cherry

    i didn’t even hear about this! boo. 🙁

  2. 2 Serenia

    WOW…I just read an article about her in sister-sister mag. I was about to go purchase her new book. I checked it out on Amazon. Its a very good read.

  3. 3 Jack

    Sorry to be the bearer of really bad news. 🙁

  4. 4 Jack

    I hope you enjoy it. I myself need to go get some more by her to read. Sad that it took her death to really spur me to do so, even though The Parable of the Sower was so good.

  5. 5 Femmeflame

    When my apt burnt down – my cousin in Montreal went to her old workplace and ordered everything Octavia ever wrote to replace what I had lost and more. Then a co-worker who I lent Parable of the Sower to bought me both Parables to replace em.

    I’m devastated that I didn’t go to Seattle to see her launch Fledgling which now I may never see continued….

    Yep, some days are worse than others – the day I heard she was gone was one of ’em

  6. 6 Louella

    I attended Geo. Washington Jr. High in Pasadena California, she was born in June and I in August of 1947 and Octavia was my classmate in Science – Mr. Pfaff and in Social Studies Mr. Zondler. I was probably the only one that said hello to her in the class or passing in the hall. She was shy, very tall and alone with a quiet sadness. I had often wondered what it was like for her in a time full of controversy. I was called all kinds of names for being sociable with everyone, and this included Octavia Butler. Well she showed them!Iam greatly saddened to hear of her crossing over.

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