Yet another reason to hate FOX

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to hate FOX…

the cast of Arrested Development

They’ve gone and cancelled Arrested Development, which I would put right up there with Desparate Housewives as one of the best shows currently on network television. (I can’t talk about cable since I haven’t had it in years.)

Those bastards!

WARNING TO DESPARATE HOUSEWIVES FANS: definite spoilers in the comments. Beware, if you haven’t seen last night’s episode yet!

9 Responses to “Yet another reason to hate FOX”

  1. 1 heath

    i have yet to see a.d. yet. but i watched desperate housewives last night, and it made me a little queasy.

  2. 2 Jack

    Yeah… i can understand how it would make one queasy. Some of the things that happen are really disturbing.

    Was it a “God, the things these characters are doing are fucked up” kind of queasy, or a “God, this show is fucked up” kind of queasy?

    Also, we should watch A.D. sometime. I now get the episodes on my computer via bittorrent. Sweet!

  3. 3 heath

    yes, yes! to the watching a.d.

    it’s both a “god this show is fucked up” and a “god, these characters are doing fucked up things.”

    especially all these bits about murder lately. what is going on with that?

  4. 4 Jack

    Yeah… I think that, when I watch it, I feel more of the latter (these characters are out of control) than the former (this show is so fucked.) I don’t know if that’s the most politically consistent reading of it, but hey… I can’t deny that I like the show, no matter how much some of the stuff makes my skin crawl.

    The recent racial elements involved with that one house with the guy in the basement – that’s kind of pushing my limits, though. It’s like… they really need to be careful there, because it would be so easy to cross the line there.

    At least all the white people are equally crazy/scary, or even more crazy/scary.

  5. 5 heath

    yeah, the race stuff w/ that hou and the guy in the basement, that’s totally out of control. especially w/ the part this last episode where the guy escapes and breaks into the house of the one that’s pregnant and she falls down the stairs and there’s this whole “scary black guy in the house attacking this person” motif going on. wtf?

    but it’s true, the white people are equally crazy/scary. what the hell was with that random, really mundane murder in the middle of the episode?

  6. 6 Jack

    Yeah. That whole thing with the guy getting into Gabrielle’s house was really sketch. At least he didn’t actually do anything scary or messed up to her. I was glad for that.

    George (the mundane murderer) is really Satan Incarnate. I hate him so much. I want something very bad to happen to him in the end.

  7. 7 heath

    i think this whole conversation thread has gotten me a little hooked on desperate housewives. at least morbidly fascinated. like with top model and that new martha show.

  8. 8 The Angry Gay

    Hi, AngryBrownButch — Angry Black Bitch pointed me in your pissed off direction and I wanted say hello. AND I’m savoring the few remaining Arrested Development episodes like sweet nectar in the desert. Too funny for stupid Americans. Rage on ….

  9. 9 Jack

    Hey – sorry to take so long to reply to the comment. Thanks for checking out the site. And yeah, I hear you on savoring the last juicy bits. Did you catch last night’s?

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